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i was just wondering if you did this dress in a size 4 because the size 6 is too big on the waist by about 2 inches

I would like to order this dress for my wedding. But the wedding is the 1th of may 2011.......If I made the order today, will be arrive before this day???

I am concerned if I order this dress now, April 28th, will I recieve the dress in time to wear it on May 28th? given I may need it tailored. Thank you

My order was placed under the name Aimee. My friend ordered my dress for me. I received my dress, it was very pretty yet, custom sized to fit me however the chest was made too big and the length was too short. The back of the dress where it laces up sticks out at the bottom. The flower on the dress is not as in the picture. The dress is 6 lbs. very pretty and nice quality. I honestly didn't know what my dress would look like after being told not to order from China but, it is made well. I do like it however, it's just too short! My wedding is soon ! When people order dresses please make sure you go by the measurements.

Hi,I like this dress,but I would like it whit satin insted of lace and front part whit full cup like a bra,that I could to wear it without bra and in neckline without lace.

hello again, why then there is a comment section to write the notes in the order if you don't read it and don't take them into consideration? I wrote there very clearly that I want the length of the dress longer to wear it with heels.

Beautiful dress. It is just about an inch too big. We will have to have it altered before she can wear it.and delivery is also ok.I'm satisfied with it!

Hi, I really like to know if placing the reinforcement in the bust, something not wearing a bra and extend her train a bit, similar to the dress Item Code: 00199796 has an additional cost. Thanks.

Should I put on the shoes I'm going to wear when I measure the length from shoulder to floor? Because if I don't, wouldn't the dress be too short?

I would like to buy this dress for my prom on the 13th may 2011, i'm slightly concerned. Could i return it if i choose not to wear it, and will it come in time?

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plus size dresses to wear to a wedding

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