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I need one piece of this dress , do you have an agent in CAIRO EGYPT , to purchase from

I'd like to know about the diference of 4 and 6 piece beddig set

Is there a piece of fabric behind the lace back on item 00204413? If not, can one be added?

hi im in the process of ordering the dress and im paying using western union. how much money do i transfer if the jacket costs extra?? thanks

I did order this dress for almost two months, April 13, 2011. I have not yet arrived. My wedding is June 25 and I haven´t my dress. Please I need the dress. It's been over 34 days, when will arrived my dress??. Please, please. Thank you very much.

Hi..It's almost two months since I placed my order. I have no idea how far it got. Please let me know the TRC#. The wedding is near and I am now worried. Let me know if you need any further Info in order for you to proceed further. My order is 25498 Just in case! If you haven't shiped Please have it ship ASAP. Thanks.

sir,i have choosen one dress wid following description:- Sweetheart Neckline with One-shoulder Ball Gown Hot Selly Royal Wedding Dress WD-0049 (Free Shipping) Item Code: 00210719.its displayed color in the pic is champagne but i want to see this dress in the same material as in the pic but in water melon,dark royal blue,skin pink, so that i can finally make my order for it.iam sending you the pic of the dress that i want to see in above mentioned color.i will be thankfull to you if you do me this kind favour,as it would be easy for me to order my dress. thanking you

Hi. I was just wondering if I can get this dress so it reaches my knee? And can I get a white lining inside. Meaning on the top of the dress, around the yellow there would be a white lining behind and on the bottom. It would be the same material as the frills but in white? And also on the strap? I would like the same color as the model. If I need the dress by June.01.2011; what time should I order by to get my dress at least 10 days prior to my event? Thanks :)

Hi! I am from Russia. I want to buy 10 pieces of dresses! It is possible! And how much is shipping to Russia. Thank you, Anastasia!

I am really enjoying this new set of bed linens. The colors are good, and all of the pieces of a good set of linens are included Extremely good match

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Two Piece Western Wedding Gowns With Frills

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