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Hi, I have two Ordens and would know which is the approximate date of shipment, as the wedding is for three weeks. My order is No. 20336 and 21235

Hi! I am from Russia. I want to buy 10 pieces of dresses! It is possible! And how much is shipping to Russia.And as with customs!? Thank you, Anastasia!

I want to see the whole dress in white not in two coluors

I am really interested in the (A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Chapel Bridal Gown (3AA0306) - Item Code 00200844 ) dress and would like to know if the back can be made a corset instead of a zip

I did order this dress for almost two months, April 13, 2011. I have not yet arrived. My wedding is June 25 and I haven´t my dress. Please I need the dress. It's been over 34 days, when will arrived my dress??. Please, please. Thank you very much.

PLEASE HELP! Hi I received my dress and it looks nice, but the length is short without heels, and i was wondering if i can get some extra pieces of the fabric that was used to make this, like the petals. If not I was wondering what i can do because i need the dress to be ready within a month and i am sort of panicking i would need at least 17 pieces of those petals used to make the dress.

I was wondering if the zipper can be changed into a corset?

dress was a hit at the wedding!!!!!!!!absolutely wonderful :)))))))))))))))

i want a nice wedding dress

Hi, Im writing from Quito, Ecuador (South America). My wedding is on June 5, I want to order Item Code: 00208156 and I have some questions that I hope you can help me answer: 1. I would like my dress to get here two weeks before the wedding and no later than that, so around May 22 to May 25, if I order it tomorrow would the dress get here on time??? 2. How much extra would I have to pay for expedited shipping?? 3. How much extra would I have to pay for making the train 2 meters longer? 4. Would you sent the dress directly to my address or would I have to pick it up somewhere?? As soon as you answer me I would order my dress! Thank you for your time Lizbeth

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