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Hi, its Sydney. Thank you for responding so quickly. I would like you to cancel the unpaid order which is order # 23839. Then on the one I ordered I want the color of the dress switched from silver to grape. Also, I am wearing this dress to prom so I want the back of the dress to bustle but I don't want the train. I don't have a picture. so... if there is a possible way that it can be buttoned up that would be great. If not leave it the way it is. I also need the dress before April 5th of 2011. Thanks again!

I ordered the dress on this page http://www.FishInTheSky.com/product/Taffeta-Strapless-Sexy-Bodice-with-Skirt-Hot-Sell-Evening-Dress-E-0003-210374.html Feb. 9 and my credit card cleared the money for that date. I've already paid the credit card so I know it is paid for. But the dress which was ordered for my granddaughter's prom has not arrived. We're both getting desperate! Please check on this and let us know what is going on. We figured up the dates and it should have arrived last week! Carolyn Brown Dress was to be shipped to Trisha Harmon in Terral, OK

love this dress but i need a petticoat which one shoukd i order for this dress need one asap

Hi , I'am becoming very worried about my dress because I have left several emails and reviews and I have not yet had a response. On one of the reviews I left you guys responded and said that you would send me an email of the back of my dress and that was about two days ago and I have still not recieved it! I have also asked how my dress was coming along and recieved no resonse. I'am very nevorus , my prom is coming up very soon. Can you please reply to my emails or reviews , thank you so much I greatly apperciate it.

hi, i was trying to order my prom dress, however i was wondering if it will arrive before may 25 when is my prom

Hi FishInTheSky! Thanks for that...Just to inform you as well, that i already 'paid back' via my PayPal account again the payment for my order no.23790 for ITEM: 002204415. Just please make sure that this item 'Strapless Asymmetrical Skirt in Rouched Bodice Classic Prom Dresses FL3' SIZE: 10/ COLOR: DARK NAVY BLUE/ FABRIC: TAFETTA will be the one to be shipped out as ordered. Thanks again for the quick reply and looking forward for my dress soon! Best regards! :)

We are about to order a dress for my daughter from you within the next couple of days. Our favorite is Strapless Floor Length A line Skirt 2010 New Prom Dress NM5 (item code 00204393). Would it be possible to get a photo of that particular dress in color champagne? We are also wondering what is the fabric used in that dress. Will the dress be in one color only (also the waistline)? How much are the delivery costs all the way to Finland? Which other costs will there be besides the price of the dress and delivery costs? And how long would it take from the order until receiving the dress? Would it be possible to get the dress here by January 15th at the latest? Since the matter is quite urgent, we would appreciate your prompt answer.

I would like to say that i wasn’t too impressed with my dress when it came. The dress wasn’t the same as the one in this picture as some details/beadings were missing. Also the low scooped back isn’t low at all on my dress which i am very disappointed in. The quality of the dress is poor. The dress looks like it isn’t made to a good enough standard as some measurements are wrong. The straps are too small so i will have to get that altered aswell. However i am very pleased with my dress being shipped out so quickly as i am able to get it altered in time for my prom. Thanks.

I want to place an order for this dress. Is it possible to have one with a tail.

Can I purchae one dress for the same price $98.00

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