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Hello! I order this dress in Royal Blue and I would like the beading decorations to be in Royal Blue also. Can you help me? Thanks, i'm worried. In wich color would they arrive?

Is this dress lace up or a zipper?

if i wanted a shawl of the same color could i buy something like that?

Will my dress look exactly like the picture if I order the same color. Including the beading which I know includes both purple and silver beading?

if i order a blue dress would the strus be suitable for the dress color,I mean I saw the purple dress with dark purple and black strus,so what are the colors of struss would u put on the blue one. thnx

Turned out in the exact style that i wanted but i ordered a blue dress and was delivered a purple dress. Whoevere made it used the wrong color material for it

Hi! Was just wondering how come you cancelled my order #23790-Strapless Asymmetrical Skirt in Rouched Bodice Classic Prom-Dark Navy Blue? ...I just sent you a message that i will wait for my dress until next week April 8...May i just confirm the status of my order which was paid also...Thanks

Hi Your dresses look fabulous! My daughter needs one for next year and we love this one. Is it possible to have a mans tie made from the same material and color? How much extra would a wrap/shawl cost.

I really have grown fond of this dress, but I have a few questions that I kind of concerns me: what color is the lace on the dress?

please I want to know what are the colors of this lace wig in the color chart?

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Silver Colored Evening Shawls For Navy Blue Lace Dress

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