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Hey, I am wondering if my friends get dresses from this website, same material but different dress, Will the dresses be the exact same purple if mine is purple too? Thanks, Marie

Or is there an chance I could paying for faster shipping service arrive sooner? And I pick the color purple for the dress will it be dark purple or light purple? If theyres a way I could pay for a faster shipping then I won't cancel my dress. Please write back asap

Hello, I love this dress for my friend wedding, I'm one of the bridesmaid but I wanna know if there is a chance of send you the fabric cause the problem is my friend want all of the bridesmaids the exact same color and fabric. Thank you

Do u deliver t united states? I need a silver chiffon dress, but your sample picture for the chiffon in silver looks like a shade of green. Is it because of the camera or is that how it looks? If Orbison silver is it like a dark grey or actual light grey (silver).

I want the same color dress as in the picture.. so purple is the color i want

I really like this dress, but what color purple is it in the picture? And what is the material that it is in the picture?

hi I ordered this dress in purple on 04/03/2011 please tell me when I can expect delivery

hello! my good friend is getting married and we saw this dress and loved it. we had a question.. could the dress be white and the flowers alongside of the dress and the one flowered strap be chocolate brown? we need chocolate brown somewhere in the dress because those are the colors for her wedding.. thank you -Ana

could i get this dress from the picture in the color purple for a prom dress? is that possible or can you only order wedding dresses in white?

Turned out in the exact style that i wanted but i ordered a blue dress and was delivered a purple dress. Whoevere made it used the wrong color material for it

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Silver Bridesmaid Dress With Purple Flowers

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