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Hi so what is the solution to my drss for it being too short on me i dont want to open a dispute

My wig arrived today and I love the color. The lenght and open curls are perfect for me. Also Great wig for the price.

Hi i already have the dress it came in its so pretty its just short i was wondering if i have some extra petal the same ones used to make the dress. so that i can add them onto my dress i would need about 17 more. if i can not have them for free i was wondering if i can pay for them because i really need them and i need to wear the dress soon. i do not want to open a dispute because i love this dress its just short

wow this dress is beautiful indeed! whats the back of the dress like though?:$ i wanna purchase this dress for my engagment party.. and would appreciate if you can send me a pic of the back of the dress. thanx

Hi, I'm thinking about ordering this dress for my school ball and was wondering if it was possible to get the dress without the train at the back, like in the picture of the purple dress, so the back would be the same length as the front? Thanks.

could i get a pic of the back of the dress dont know what is half naked is it a back outside or its just low down and the bottom of the the dress does it have a long tail is the sequins all over the dress plzs get back 2 me asap....thanks

I like this dress. I need the dress by May 6th. Will the dress be back on time? I love your products.

what it have on the dress i know it is white but am see in like it have some thing on the dress what is it and the back is it long what is bare could u plzs get back 2 me asap.thanks

Hi there. Would it be possible for you to e-mail me a photo of the back of this dress. I am interested in placing an order for it but just wanted to see the back of the dress first. Thanking you Annie

Okay, thank u for your answer. If I order this dress and there is something that i'm not happy with, can i return it/send it back and get the money back or change it with another dress?? :)

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Sewing Pattern For Open Back Dress

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