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Hi. I was just wondering if I can get this dress so it reaches my knee? And can I get a white lining inside. Meaning on the top of the dress, around the yellow there would be a white lining behind and on the bottom. It would be the same material as the frills but in white? And also on the strap? I would like the same color as the model. If I need the dress by June.01.2011; what time should I order by to get my dress at least 10 days prior to my event? Thanks :)

I love the dresses that I see on line. Are you able to add more sequence to any of the dresses?

i have not ordered this dress yet. i would like to see the colour of it before i order it as a fully coloured dress?

Would it be possible to see what the dress would look like in grape? As in, could I see a picture of a finished dress made from the grape chiffon material?

in the description of the dress it says that it is available in a cranberry color however i don't see that color on the color chart...where can i see a sample of the dress in that color?

I would like to know what your return policy is for this dress. I ordered it on January 22 and the dress still has not arrived, even though the website specifically says 31 days to make it. It is now March 10, and my event is very shortly around the corner. If my dress doesn't come in the mail when you promised, do I get a full refund?

This dress is stunning! My daughter used it for her graduation ball and received tons of compliments! It looks like a super-star dress made for a runway event! It is very fine detailed, and the beads are very well sewn. It has many layers of lining and since it was custom-made, it fit my daughter perfectly. We absolutely loved it and will continue to order from you.

I ordered this dress in blue for my prom this year.. but im kind of scared i wont like it because i cant see it in the blue. is there anyway i can see what it would look like in blue?

Could I see a picture of my dress? And also is it possible to add item 00277297 in lavender to the order?

Could I see a picture of my dress? And also is it possible to add item 00277297 to the order?

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See The Dresses At Ross Spring Dress Event

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