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The downside is it is a little a slow, although my husband has his SD Card (mine hasn't arrived yet) and he doesn't have any issue at all. Picks up wifi very quickly.

I sent an E-mail and I believe sharon answered this E-mail from customer service and said there was a problem and asked me when I would need the dress. I did respond to her E-mail that I would need this dress in my hands by no later than April 15, 2011 as it is for her prom. I hope she received my Email with this response to hers.

I got my dress and I love it!! I ordered it in grape and it is a beautiful color! The gem waist band is all hand sewn beads. Really good quality! after they shipped it, it only took two days to come and i live in America! If you have any doubts about FishInTheSky, dont because they have great customer service and fast deliver and good quality cheap dresses! I can't wait to wear mine for my prom.

ineed this dress in 3 weeks for my wedding pls

Hello, I was wondering wich is the width of the sleeves and is it possible that the end of the sleeves are normal (narrow to the hands), not wide like on the picture?

Great device - well built, super fast, feels good in the hand and really great price.

this dress is very nice i am thinking of it for my wedding dress

Dear sir/ madam, I really want to buy that dress but I don’t like the back of the dress so much! It seems to me simple and I would like something more special for the back of the dress. Could you send me some photos for a different back to my email? How will it cost now? And a second question. Are the materials approved by Europe? And what will it be the total cost to come in Greece since I don’t know the import tax of my country Greece!! I am really waiting for your answer!!!!! Thank you in advance, Eirini

I am interested in buying this dress. I would use it for a wedding in May. The wedding is at 6pm in the evening. I was a little concerned that the dress might be too short for the occasion? Do you think it would be appropriate for a wedding?

I like to think that I can spot a top notch product when I see and put my hands on one, this is without a doubt it.

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Second Hand Wedding Dresses Sioux Falls Sd

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