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Hi, my daughter couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to go to her Senior Prom because someone at her school decided to purchase the same dress that she wanted? I'm just now finding out about your company and she has found a dress that she really likes. The only problem is that we are running out of time and I don't know if the dress will be here before the Prom! Her Prom is May the 7th, could you tell me what to do at this point, or is it too late to order the dress?

Hi, i am ordering this dress for my prom and i was wondering if you could make it in the Dark Navy Blue, if so how do I go about changing the color and checking out.... Thank you

Hi. I can wait to the 16th of may. But then i need to know when the dress will be in SWEDEN?? My prom is in the 8th of june. Can it be in sweden before that??? Please help me.

is it possible to get this dress in matt satin because i wouldnt like it to be to floaty as it is for prom and i want it to be more stiff and would it be possible to get it the same length all the way round with no trail

This is a beautiful dress..i want it so bad, but i was wondering if i order it now would i have it by June 8th...thats the day of my prom.

Hi, my prom is May 21st. If I were to order this dress tomorrow April 26th will I receive it a little before then? If not will paying for faster shipping service arrive sooner?

i ordered my dress i believe in the 10th of january and i was wandering if id get it before april 2nd which is my senior prom

hello, i ordered this dress just over 4 weeks ago, and was wondering if it will arrive before the 1st of July as i have my School Prom then?

I didnt receive my dress im so sad rite now my prom is on friday can you guys plx tell wat going on i thou ya shipped already since sunday

I want know if I order this dress today if Im going to be able to get it by June 12th that is my prom date.Please let me know...

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