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hi!!! i was wondering if this dress could be made in organza green instead chiffon...i mean i want the the dress in 'green color' from the organza. If its not possible, then please make this gorgeous dress in chiffon red. thanks!

Hello, Is it possible to have the embroidery of this dress done in antoher color (red)? I would alos like the dress in champagne. Hope to hear from you soon, so I can place the order. Joanne

Hi, I have a question regarding the color combinations on this dress. Can you do red with black stitching? Or only white and black? And could I see the back of this dress?

I would like to order this dress on Friday April 15th. Will I be able to get this red dress back before May 13th? Thank you.

i am enquiring as i would like to purchase 4 of your dresses in the same style but different styles for my bridesmaids dresses, however when i go to buy them it only allows me to give you measurements for one of the dresses not 4 different types of measurements. how do i order them together but different sizing? please reply asap sop i can order them. thanks nat

I was so happy to receive my dress in under a month with no dramas and such a great dress.the quality is high and not one fault with it that me nor a tailor can spot. Such amazing work for how inexpensive it is,I will be buying my bridesmaids dresss from here and tell everyone about this site,thank you so much for my amazing beautiful dress

I know that you show that I can order this in any color you have listed...but this dress looks complicated, and I would like it in RED, is that possible?

I ordered this dress about 20 days ago now and a red one and i was wondering when i might get them . My order number is 16657. thanks!

I put a order in about 18 days ago for two dresses this one and a red one. And i was wondering if you knew when i would get them? thanks!

quick /, first of all I love this dress i think is so pretty,but I would like to know if its possiable to make the lepord print red and black om the inside and to add straps to it?

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Red With Gold Trim Bridesmaid Dresses

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