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Dear FishInTheSky, Is this dress with corset back or with a zipper?

I'm interested in buying this dress but I was just wondering if the back is corset?

Hi! Can I get a corset put into the back for this dress?

Yes, I would like to have the dress in red with red beading, lace-up back and with a red Silk Like Satin sash.

Hey there, I was just wondering if you at all could make this dress a corset lace up at the back rather than a zip? Thanks :)

hi, underneath the bow at thr back on the dress is that a zip, clips OR straps? i have quite a large chest and wide hips so wouldnt want the dress to be too tight or too loose... Please help me?

hi my debs is in july... and i really like this dress, but i was wondering if the opening at the back of the dress could be closed up and also if the bow can be removed :) thanks for your time...

Hello, ive place a order today on this red prom dress could I have this before 25 June please & I was wondering can I have it laced up at the back besides a hidden zip ? My Order number is ( 41776 ) thank you x

Helllo, I am really interested in buying this dress but would it be able to arrive before the 8/9'th of July or at that day? I live in U.K. by the way, and could you do something about the thread that ties up like a bow at the back of the dress, i mean; is there anyway you could remove that thread that looks like a bow but still keep the design of the back of the dress the same ?

Hello! I was wondering if I would be able to get the back covered up like a normal dress instead of the bow and current back it has because my parents would not approve of that. Do I have to pay extra for that?

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Red Prom Dress Bow Back Corset

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