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I just want to know the code number for the wedding gown in this page as i like it and i want to know more details about the dress itself... Thanks

Hi, just wanted an update on how much longer the dresses are going to take. the wedding is near and im just getting a bit nervous. Thanx

Hi, I just wanted to know how long it would take if we ordered 3 dress of this one? It's for the bridemaids and the wedding is on the 25 of june. I would be thankful if you guys can send them for the wedding :-) Thank you. Greatings, Jihane

I love two of your dresses but my wedding is on february, please tell me, you can deliver to me in two or three weeks?? it's possible?? the shipping cost has to be hire or something else?? please let me know today or tomorrow to buy one of the two derresses that I love for y wedding.

Dear FishInTheSky . i need my wedding dress very soon because my wedding is in jun 10 and its alrady 29 days since i orderd it . can i cancel my arder if it will not be her on time?? thanks.

hi there! i would like to wear this item ( A Line Black Lace Chest Skirt Color Wedding Dresses Item Code: 00204658) during the reception of my wedding but can you change the color of the embroidery and the ribbon into a GRAPE / LILAC embroidery? if yes, i would love to order from you! Thanks!!

Hello friend, I would like to buy this wedding dress, colour ivory, material chiffon and my sizes are the following: bust-31 inches, waist-24 inches, hips-35, hollow to floor -53 inches. My wedding day is on 25.06.2011 so is it possible that dress arrive couple of days before the wedding? Please let me know so I can buy it. Thanks Mate

hi, i need a red dress for a wedding and i havent found one yet. but i have a huge! problem though i am a bridesmaid and the wedding is in two weeks. i loved this dress if i order it do you think i will have it on time the wedding date is march 5 please response ASAP! THANKYOU.

Hi, i just made an order and i wanted to make changes to the dress. The dress is in purple but i would like to have the beads in silver like in the dress above, removable straps with silver beads on them and would you be able to use my full measurements to make the dress more fitted to my body. The measurements are: bust: 34 inches upper bust: 32.5 inches under bust: 27 inches waist: 26.5 inches hips: 37.5 inches shoulder to nipple: 11 inches shoulder to waist: 15.5 inches shoulder to hips: 25 inches hollow to floor: 65 inches nipple to nipple:8 inches shoulder to shoulder: 13.5 inches

¿can be added to dress one shoulder as shown in the model Item Code: 00200324 ?which is an applet on his shoulder. change the cost of the wedding dress? and in such case as would be the final value. Attached image as I like the dress

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Purple Medieval Wedding Dress

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