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I have a question about this dress and really any dresses. I am looking at the chart for sizes. I measured my daughter and they are really far off. We tried a 11/12 in the dress shop. They fit real nice except the top was rather large. She is closer to the 10 on your chart but she has never worn a 10. And the hollow, we only come up with a 52 /53 tops. That hits the top of the foot close to the toe area. A 60 like you have is way past the foot area all together. Are we measuring wrong? Thanks Sharon

The discription states the dress is a halter and picture shows a tank top style. Please clarify which it is. Also can i view a picture of the back and if possible in white. Thank You

i like the dress so much but i wonder if i choose the hunter chiffon is the sequins on top will be also silver because i would prefer it to be gold instead

can the back detail at the bottom be raised and not cut so low?

can we choose the silk top color as well?

It is a Great Dress, love a lot, I am a Mother Bride Wich color is the picture sample? I need this in a Darker colr tham Champagne.but litter than Brown color, do you have? Sise: my sise is diferent tham your table. The other option it is in deep blue Waist:75 Bust:94 High Hips:95 Widest Hips: 99 this messures are not tight. are confortable Time' if i order today or tomorrow, how many days do you need to put the order in Ecuador? Thanks a Lot

What fabric is pictured in the Sexy backless prom dress shown?

i like this prom dress very much n i would like to know whats the color? P1431 Prom Dress........

Good day! I'm interested in this dress, but there are a few questions. From what and how many layers is the bottom of this dress, if they can be removed if desired, so that the dress was not as lush and shone. Important for me that I could in this dress, get on a plane and survive the flight about 4 hours. Can the skirt's upper layer to do the same lengths are only touching the ground. Dress is divine and gorgeous color. Sincerely, Yana

hey again,,,yes you are right i want this dress in red and i like the white material in the end of the dress to be removed and also the train, but the details on the top of the dress i would like to keep,,could you fix it or not???

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Prom Dresses Tight Top Flowy Bottom

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