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I am interested in buying this dress. I would use it for a wedding in May. The wedding is at 6pm in the evening. I was a little concerned that the dress might be too short for the occasion? Do you think it would be appropriate for a wedding?

hi, i would like to order 5 of this dresses in HOT PINK that decoration under the bow is that a brooch?? let me know what price you can give me for 5 dresses and how do we do with the sizes, and what happens if they dont fit THANK YOU

these are very beautiful dresses, i need it for a wedding on january 15 2011

Hi! I just ordered this dress for my prom but I would like to have it in pearl pink insted of ivory, which I chose if possible. I would also like to remove both of the shoulder strands and the trail so that it is suitible for my prom

Where do i type what color dress i want? I want the pink in the picture but i don't know where to write it. You said i can write it in my order, but i'm just wondering where i write it at?

If i don't want the beads around the sweetheart neckline, how much does it cost? And can you show me a picture of any taffeta dress in pink and fuchsia, so i know whick color to order...Thank YOu

I am interested for the following item : No 00236804 This dress as shown in the picture is pink with an animal print. instead of the anymal print can i use another color?if yes how am I going to state it in the order Thank you

Hi, Just wondering if it would be possible to get some fabric samples for this dress sent to me? And how much would it cost to get them (in Australian dollars)? I need fabric samples for both fuschia and pink, in both fabrics. Thankyou.

Hi, Yesterday I ordered the dress and I chose the pink color. I want to change it to the same color in the picture. I did not notice that option in color selection. Could you please change it to the same color in the picture. I will appreciate if you could help me. Thank You

I ordered my prom dress to look like the one in the picture, but didn't think it would be bright pink! I want to return it and get a burgundy colour but I'm not sure how to as there is no address? Also if I order it again soon will it be delived by the 1st July ?

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Pink Camo Wedding Dress

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