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This is lovely realistic feeling wig. It is very cool and comfortable in the heat.I even had someone comment on my hair and I was proud to tell her it was a wig from FishInTheSky.

I liked this style very much because it looks so natural even after washing it with wig shampoo, it returned to be a new.I really appreciate it and hope you keep this style.

It's very refreshing to recieve an item you order online and it turns out to be better than you hoped. I even received way before the estimated arrival date. Great product, great service.

Hi, thanks for the quick answear back. Ok, Before I pay for it, I just want to know if you are able to make my organza spaghetti strap weeding dress with item code 00202299, with the same sleves and overpart with the blond patern for my dress from this dress A-line/princess off the shoulder chapel satin bridal gown 3aa0404 with item code 00200072. Is this possible for you guys? and i also want it to cover up my whole shoulder, and not just half of it as the picture is showing. So I want it to be exactly the same, but only to also cover my whole shoulder. ( the overpart of the shoulder in the picture is showing skin, this i want to be covered up) If you can make it as I wish, then are you not going to have the spaghetti strap on the dress, because you are making the one with the blond patern and sleeves to have over? And is it also possible to make the train even longer? If it is possible for you guys to make the dress as I wish then I will order and pay for it today, i just need to be sure. I am sending you guys pictures of the dresses so you can see what I wish. Please let me know if you recived the pictures so I know you have the right information. thanks a lot, and very very much for all help. Joan.

hello , I wanted to ask a couple of questions.we are looking at putting a order in of 4 chiffon one shoulder bodice and line short fassion cocktail dress g10!we were just wondering even though they are just above knees in pic do we still need to measure from shoulders to our heels or do we measure from shouldres to our knees as hights will very between each girl?also we want ech dress in a different colour one of the colours we were looking at was a green but the greens you have on display just isnt the right colour i would like.if possible do you have any other colour green than whats on your display page?also if we place a order by the 17th dec 2010 will we defanatly have them bak by the end of january 2011?as our wedding day is febuary 13th 2011!!! many thanks miss shayla vinton. day time phone number is 0405342089.

Wonderful dress :)

Beautiful dress

Is the dress high quality fabric and what rating is the dress?

HI, is the belt on this dress a separate piece or is it sewn to the dress?

Will this dress be made exactly like this dress if I order it ?

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Patterns For Evening Dresses For Matric Farewell

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