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i want a nice wedding dress

I don't want to choose 'colour in picture' as the picture that comes up is a yellow dress but in the smaller pictures underneath there is a pink colour. Please help me by telling me which of the 'chiffon' colours to pick get this pink colour.

Dear to whom this may concern. i ordered my dress on the 5th its yellow and i didn't see the proccessing time is there anyway i could get it by the 23rd of september? sorry to bother you and thanks.

i wonder if the dafodil color is yellow in organza like in satin or chiffon.?

ineed this dress in 3 weeks for my wedding pls

Hi. I was just wondering if I can get this dress so it reaches my knee? And can I get a white lining inside. Meaning on the top of the dress, around the yellow there would be a white lining behind and on the bottom. It would be the same material as the frills but in white? And also on the strap? I would like the same color as the model. If I need the dress by June.01.2011; what time should I order by to get my dress at least 10 days prior to my event? Thanks :)

hi I have a question. I want to order this yellow dress. I was wondering if I just select a size US 12 and in the same colour as shown in the picture, will this still need 15 days processing time? I live in Australia and need this dress by june 11th. Are you able to send this to me in time? thanks

hi there, one more question, i would like to order this dress excactly like the picture, the color and material but im not sure what yellow is this and what material. please help me by answer this question, i already know about your color and material chart. im only interested in this one dress in the picture. thank you for you promt answer.

this dress is very nice i am thinking of it for my wedding dress

I am interested in buying this dress. I would use it for a wedding in May. The wedding is at 6pm in the evening. I was a little concerned that the dress might be too short for the occasion? Do you think it would be appropriate for a wedding?

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