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Hi, i am ordering this dress for my prom and i was wondering if you could make it in the Dark Navy Blue, if so how do I go about changing the color and checking out.... Thank you

Hey! I ordered that dress in Dark Navy and I took that for granted that the beading gets the same colour. In the case if the beading is Royal Blue, can I still change the colour in Dark Navy? Thx

do you have a picture of this dress in pearl pink or navy blue so i could have an idea what it would look like please?

Hi! Was just wondering how come you cancelled my order #23790-Strapless Asymmetrical Skirt in Rouched Bodice Classic Prom-Dark Navy Blue? ...I just sent you a message that i will wait for my dress until next week April 8...May i just confirm the status of my order which was paid also...Thanks

Hi FishInTheSky! Thanks for that...Just to inform you as well, that i already 'paid back' via my PayPal account again the payment for my order no.23790 for ITEM: 002204415. Just please make sure that this item 'Strapless Asymmetrical Skirt in Rouched Bodice Classic Prom Dresses FL3' SIZE: 10/ COLOR: DARK NAVY BLUE/ FABRIC: TAFETTA will be the one to be shipped out as ordered. Thanks again for the quick reply and looking forward for my dress soon! Best regards! :)

Thankyou, because if you have it in the EXACT same colour as the picture, that is the one I want. If not, navy blue with a navy blue belt is OK. Thankyou so much!

Hi, What is the color of this dress? Beaded Sweetheart Neckline with Hot Sell New Prom Dress P-0057 Is it Tafetta royal blue or blue? Thanks a lot!

Can you email a picture of this dress in satin blue? or royal blue? please! i really like the dress, but i want a blue dress for prom. so i was just curious if that was possible? thank you

I ordered this dress in blue for my prom this year.. but im kind of scared i wont like it because i cant see it in the blue. is there anyway i can see what it would look like in blue?

what color feather can it have just black? im not sure if i would like it in a different colour for prom and im not sure which colour i like

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Navy Blue Feathered Prom Dress

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