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excuse me can i order this dress with another color not the bridal color eg red

Could you please tell me the exact color of the dress?? on the picture. I want the ecxact color thanks

which materials are used in this dress because the colors are different and also is it possible to have the the top bit one color and the bottom another?

i want the same green colored dress as the picture but what color do i chose

What color is the dress shown in the picture? Its not black and its not silver?? Really like but I need to know the color.

Can you send me pictures of this dress in other colors? Love this color but would like more options mayb...

I want the same color dress as in the picture.. so purple is the color i want

I was just wondering if the actual dress came in two colors like in the picture, or just one color?

umm i was wondering that if for the dress item number 00241487 you could choose the color for the embroidery in the dress as well as the color for the whole dress.. and if u can choose the color for the embroidery how do u choose it on the computer??

Please tell me, What color of dress is on picture? Is it white?

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Mustard Colored Bridesmaid Dresses

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