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Do you have any photographs of the above dress in green, specifically green satin. i would love to see a set of photograph. also, for the Mermaid strapless floor length dress in the selection below; a clearer view of the back would also be nice.

The dress is beautiful. However, can the ruffles on the dress be a different color than the color of the rest of the rest? For example, the dress is white but the ruffles and the strap on the one shoulder is a dark green?

so i put in green for the color of dress and ordered it before i got the answer to the last review....and i wanted the same as the picture so what should i do now?

I have not ordered yet, however, I would like to know: 1- can a standard dress be rush ordered? 2- if I choose kelly green color, will the beading match? Thank you.

hello, i have received the wedding dress, thanx for sending it so fast, it is nice but too long , i will try to fix it, plus i asked for an ivory veil, it was sent white. but anyway i like the dress and i guess will do it again. thank you

wrong size, dress in excellent quality but is much smaller than the size requested

Hi, I am from Nigeria and My wedding is in August . I want to know how much this dress cost in Naira plus does it come in White? How do I know I will get this same gown after payment

Hi I was wondering if this dress would arrive in New Zealand by the 25th June? Also does your Saturday and Sundays include the 15 days plus 8 days? Do you have a tracking system as it just says processing. Thank you Tanya

Is it more expensive to have a dress custom sized?

Dress is nice. The size in burst is little bit much.

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Mint Green Dresses For Plus Size

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