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have ordered four of these dresses for my wedding. jus wondering what the back of the dress is like?

Can this dress be made without the train? I like the dress but don't want it to look like a wedding gown.

i am going to order this dress but my size is between 6 and 8. What to do now? Can i submit the personal size or do i have to chose between? Please let me know. Amira

Thanks a lot I liked the dress but the size is different from what I used to have ( my size ‎is US 6 for bust and US 10 for waist

I am considering buying this dress for my future daughter in law but before i do so would you mind answering few questions. 1- Are you able to add sleeves to the dress, I imagine a small balloon shape to match the train of the dress and add beads to it to match the beads on the chest . 2- Is it possible to send me a sketch for the sleeve before you add it to the dress or you need me to do the sketch myself? 3- I would like to add the same design( with the beads) that you have on the side of the dress to the entire edge of the train. 4- Is it possible to design something that will allow you to attach the train of the dress inside /underneath the dress so that after the ceremony, the bride will be able to walk without the train being dragged on the floor behind her. 5- Finally how much extra it will be to do all of the above?

can you please tell me on what day i will get my wedding wedding dress 37387 i need it asap i will have to return it after the 6 /18 /2011 thanks

Can you tell how short is this dress? If I provide yout the lenght can you tailor it according to that size?

can u send me more information about the dress plz i am size 14

Hello,Just I would like to order this dress, but can I write my size in cm?It will be better for me:)

I would like to order this dress in the color red...can you tell me the difference between the size 16

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Mature Bride Plus Size Wedding Dresses

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