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i will wear this dress in my engagement party

I am ordering this dress as a maid of honor dress in Lilac..I need the beading to be silver not white. the other brides maids are ordering the Empire Casual Wedding Dresses Sweetheart Ruffles in Lilac also. Will the colors be exactly the same and will the beading be exactly the same? Should we let you know who is a part of the bridal party so we can ensure the dresses are all the same?

How many more days will this take? Are you having problems making the dresses? Are they really finished making as i was told? What is the real story behind these dresses? You have already spoiled the plans by sending only two of the dresses. Now i dont know what to do. They are for a bridal party. Can you tell me the exact amount of days they will take to be shipped. I could have them shipped to USA which would reach quicker and someone take them for me. Please let me know.

If I order this bridal dress, wilI I get the same one as in the picture, with the veil and all ?

excuse me can i order this dress with another color not the bridal color eg red

A-Line Sweetheart Sleeveless Lace Embroidery Beading Bridal Gown Wedding dress is test! ok? hi!

hi! I want to know if it is possible to buy this drees but making it without the tail. and do you think if this an apropriete dress for a prom party? thank you

the dress arrived today it fits like a glove I'm sure I will feel like a celebrity at my party next month Thankyou

If I order this dress on May 6, 2011, can I get it the latest time June 10, 2011? my birthday Party will be June 11, 2011

Hi, I'm having a party on 8th October and I was thinking, whether this dress can be made and delivered in Finland before that?

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