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Hello The process to make the wedding dress is about a month. Do you have any styles that are already made and we dont need wait that longer? Also the free standard shipping is for real? Thanks Herminio

I was wanting to order this dress, but since the flowers are seperate, can you email me a picture of what it looks like without the flowers? And my wedding is in August, if I order in the next day or two, will it be in intime?

thank you very much, if comprare this dress in three months but I want white with dark purple flowers that my wedding is purple, you can change the color of wine a dark purple color.

hi my name is Zulmarie'm interested in this dress, my wedding will be in November this years and I'm from Puerto Rico. I wonder if this is for people who have business or I can personally buy it.

please i want 2 know many questons about wedding Dresses can any one help me plz or send 2 me ur phone number plz as soon as possible.

Hi! I need to know if I can order this veil or not! Please let me know as soon as possible. One more thing, please update the situation of the wedding dress. Thank you, and have a good day!

Hello, good morning. I wonder if I can send to the ivory color veil I agreed with my wedding dress. Waiting for your prompt response. Thanks.

Hi! Do you have decorations in crystal diamonds? The theme of the wedding is silver and purple and i think it would be nice with a lavender dress and crystal /bright/silver decoration? Is that possible? :)

I have not received my dresses yet, and the wedding is less than 2 weeks away. I'm very worried about them and am running out of patience. Please send them ASAP.

I have a wedding to go on April 30th, and I really like to wear this dress. If i order it, would I be able to receive it sometime in the middle of next week ? Please respond ASAP. Thanks.

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Harley Davidson Wedding Dress

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