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im willing to buy this dress along with my bridesmaid

Helou, I would like to order this dress, but you dont have light gray or gray on your color map. Do you have the same color as the picture? thanks

i ordered this dress yesterday, the same colour as the picture. what is the difference between shining gray and silver please? tnanks

ordered the dress yesterday the same as picture. is there a big difference from he colour shown in picture that is shining gray to silver? thanks

What is the color that is shown for this dress? It looks like its a dark gray or silver. I cant tell for sure though.

Hi, i am interested in purchasing this this for a bridesmaid dress and i was wondering if you can make this dress with a removable bottom. So my bridesmaid can use it long for the ceremony and short for the reception.

i was wondering ir you can make this (or any other dress in a gray a little darker... ? i saw your chart of colors and for this organza dress you have silver ,.. i´m looking for a gray dress... a little more darker... would it be possible to make it ??

Dear friend I would like to order this dress from you 00204595 The material is satin, but you dont have light gray or gray on your color map for satin. Do you have the same color as the picture? Best regards / Maria

Very satisfied over all!!! Very Pretty Dress!! Will be looking for bridesmaids dresses next!!!! Thank you!!!

I was wondering if this dress could be tailor made for a child bridesmaid i.e straps attached and what is the normal delivery time?

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Gunmetal Gray Bridesmaid Dress

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