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Is it more expensive to have a dress custom sized?

Dress is nice. The size in burst is little bit much.

I just wanted to make sure that the skirt of this dress is at least double layered plus the lining. The ribbon which covers the right side of the dress going up to the shoulder should be not more than 4 inches wide at the widest part. Could you arrange the decoration on the sash of the dress without any lace, using only crystals and beads? Thank you.

Please. check your email at service@hotmai where i scanned again the sketch of this dress with the sleeves and the upper top as one piece, you are yet to tell me if you can do the dress that way instead of your suggestions to add a jacket from your web site Plus i would like to know if you can add something to the back to be able to lift the tail while walking or dancing.

I like this dress but I want to know if there are extra charges if I specify the color and the size (custom size, inches)

This is a stylish ,modest, gorgeous-looking dress for mother of the bride. I want to order this dress right away for my son's wedding which is in July, 2011. I have three queries: 1. Is it possible for your to make the dress with the front neckline 3 inches higher? 2. Can you make the dress 2 inches longer? 3. How soon can you ship the dress to me? Thank you

This beautiful, modest sheath dress is simply gorgeous for mother of the bride and deserves a 5 star rating. I would like to order the dress right away but need some questions answered: 1. Is it possible for you to make the dress with the neck at the front 2 to 3 inches higher? 2. Can you make the skirt three inches longer? 3. Will you be able to ship the dress for me to have it by mid- June, 2011? Thank you

I am ordering this dress as a maid of honor dress in Lilac..I need the beading to be silver not white. the other brides maids are ordering the Empire Casual Wedding Dresses Sweetheart Ruffles in Lilac also. Will the colors be exactly the same and will the beading be exactly the same? Should we let you know who is a part of the bridal party so we can ensure the dresses are all the same?

what a great toy. It has nearly all the functionality of an iPad, plus some the iPad doesn't have.

Hello, Is it possible to add another shoulder to this dress. Cause I really like the design, but pityful I can't wear one-shoulder dress because the bride doesn't want me to look similar as to her dress. And I want to wear the color purple, in your fabric chart there are Grape and Regency, which ones is closest to bright purple?

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