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hello, i ordered this dress just over 4 weeks ago, and was wondering if it will arrive before the 1st of July as i have my School Prom then?

first i just want to say that i LOVE your dresses. i am going to a school prom 4. february. and i were just wondering if i am going to get the dress before the prom? btw, i live in Norway :)

Just recieved my dress today for my high school prom, its actually stunning.. just my dress has some measurement issues but all just have too take that too a local tailor.. otherwise very pretty and only took 15days too get to scotland:) very happy xxx

Hi, my daughter couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to go to her Senior Prom because someone at her school decided to purchase the same dress that she wanted? I'm just now finding out about your company and she has found a dress that she really likes. The only problem is that we are running out of time and I don't know if the dress will be here before the Prom! Her Prom is May the 7th, could you tell me what to do at this point, or is it too late to order the dress?

After i have placed my order, can i ask for alterations to be made to the dress, because someone at my school has ordered the same dress?

Hi, I'm thinking about ordering this dress for my school ball and was wondering if it was possible to get the dress without the train at the back, like in the picture of the purple dress, so the back would be the same length as the front? Thanks.

Dear FishInTheSky, My school ball is on the 10th of June 2011 and I am interested in buying this dress, but I was wondering if I am going to receive the dress before that date? Let me know asap. Thanks

my prom is may 14 will the dress come on before then or by then ?

What fabric is pictured in the Sexy backless prom dress shown?

i like this prom dress very much n i would like to know whats the color? P1431 Prom Dress........

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