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I need my dress by the end of March because my pageant is in April.

Is the price quoted inclusive of the discount and If I choose this dress can I have the split a little shorter.

I would lik to order this dress but i would lik a description of the dress and how do i customize the dress for 6 girls and still get the discount

I will like to order this dress, just wanted to know if you ship to APO address and if you offer military discount. Also will like to know the quality of the dress if you have a picture of a customer that has order the dress. If i order by this week can I get it before December 2nd?

i saw the deal of the 40% off, but why when i want to order it's give me only the USD5 discount from the cuppon but not the 40% off, why is that? (i want to order 2 different dresses) thank you for your time. shani

Hi FishInTheSky... I love this dress. But my back and shoulders have some scars, that I don't want to show. I wonder if you can make this dress with a back higher and some sleeves like in this dress: http://www.FishInTheSky.com/product/Empire-V-Neck-Light-Blue-Discount-Prom-Dresses-201000.html or you have something to recommend me? Thank you very much ^^

Sorry to be a pain. But if I am trying to order 4 of these dresses but in different sizes, Do I need to place 4 seperate orders? Or can I place one bulk order for 4 - then somewhere explain what sizes I need????????? If I have to place 4 seperate orders do I get the discount for buying 2-5 dresses? Or because they are different sezes, do I need to pay full price for each item? Thanks again - Mel

I ordered this dress along with two others today but I did not know how to make the additional payment to include the jacket. Can you please help me out because I want the jacket to come in with my order. Also, I ordered during the mother's day special but I did not see a price deduction on my visa; however I applied for the discounts and also would like my coupons to be used toward this purchase as well. Please send me a confirmation as soon as possible as to the actual cost.

Shipping is extremely fast. Great discount. I believe this will last at least 6 months if not more. Very nice.

I was going to start soon replaced on 1 January 2012, I am afraid to end this discount with the knowledge that your prices are good at this time, it will be good for later Thank you

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