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I ordered this dress along with two others today but I did not know how to make the additional payment to include the jacket. Can you please help me out because I want the jacket to come in with my order. Also, I ordered during the mother's day special but I did not see a price deduction on my visa; however I applied for the discounts and also would like my coupons to be used toward this purchase as well. Please send me a confirmation as soon as possible as to the actual cost.

I am ordering this dress as a maid of honor dress in Lilac..I need the beading to be silver not white. the other brides maids are ordering the Empire Casual Wedding Dresses Sweetheart Ruffles in Lilac also. Will the colors be exactly the same and will the beading be exactly the same? Should we let you know who is a part of the bridal party so we can ensure the dresses are all the same?

Hello, Is it possible to add another shoulder to this dress. Cause I really like the design, but pityful I can't wear one-shoulder dress because the bride doesn't want me to look similar as to her dress. And I want to wear the color purple, in your fabric chart there are Grape and Regency, which ones is closest to bright purple?

A-Line/Princess Strapless Chapel Train Satin wedding dress for brides 2009 Style(WD0220) Hi My name is Carolina i want see more pictures of this dress, someone near because i cant see the details in the up part embroidery or stones. Also iwoullike to know if the price include the transport, to Colombia (South America). Tnaks

Order DetailsOrder NO.23944 Time for placing the order: 03-02-2011 02:35:57 Time for payment: 03-02-2011 02:38:37 Hi i have ordered my weedingdress from your website, my weeding is the 15 april. can you please please ship it to me soon so i get it in time for my weeding, the details on my order tells me that the dress is still under process so i am nervous and want to know if i will recive it in time, please help me. greetng from young up to come bride :)

I am considering buying this dress for my future daughter in law but before i do so would you mind answering few questions. 1- Are you able to add sleeves to the dress, I imagine a small balloon shape to match the train of the dress and add beads to it to match the beads on the chest . 2- Is it possible to send me a sketch for the sleeve before you add it to the dress or you need me to do the sketch myself? 3- I would like to add the same design( with the beads) that you have on the side of the dress to the entire edge of the train. 4- Is it possible to design something that will allow you to attach the train of the dress inside /underneath the dress so that after the ceremony, the bride will be able to walk without the train being dragged on the floor behind her. 5- Finally how much extra it will be to do all of the above?

Wonderful dress :)

Beautiful dress

Is the dress high quality fabric and what rating is the dress?

HI, is the belt on this dress a separate piece or is it sewn to the dress?

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