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I request you to show the cost of the wedding dress selected above from the country it manufactures up to Tanzania country -Dar es Salaam( Africa). and which country designed that dress

The 30 days of wedding dresses are Havilah? I'm from Venezuela, I would like to buy a wedding dress for the wedding is April 30 and would like to know if I buy this dress in my country before the date due await your prompt response. This is the model I Item Code: 00202285

I am ordering this dress as a maid of honor dress in Lilac..I need the beading to be silver not white. the other brides maids are ordering the Empire Casual Wedding Dresses Sweetheart Ruffles in Lilac also. Will the colors be exactly the same and will the beading be exactly the same? Should we let you know who is a part of the bridal party so we can ensure the dresses are all the same?

hi .please can u predict when my deress will be arrived at my place.coz i have to go anpther country for my wedding.its important for me to arrang every thing.thanks

i like this dress and would like to know where you shop is at in which country will i be able to come over and have a look at the dress ?

hi, I request your services I hope that your team is good. I am an Angolan and friend passed me your site, as I'm getting married next year and I wanted your services, but I was wondering if I have my wedding dress model you're doing? or just make your models already existing on your site? Another concern for residents in other countries as they do own the delivery and payment. Thank you for your attention, please understand my English so I speak Portuguese.

Hello, I am of venzuela, and want to know if they send by post this dress to my country. Which is the cost of the sending? Would like me in colour sage.

If you don't have a smart phone, or just want access to a tablet for casual use, I recommend this PC.

Excellent commodity as well as fast delivery, I like it very much! The dress is beautiful. Needs alterations, but expected when made based on few measurements and in another country.

Hello, can I make my payments through MasterCard debit card? And from the information on your site, it is free shipping to only Nigeria or including other countries? I want the dress shipped to the UK.

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