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Hi If you customed a dress to my size, but then i either lost weight or gained it before the wedding - is there enough room for alterations to be made? ( by a professional close to home i wouldnt expect you to alter it if you have made it to my measurements the first time) Many thanks,

Well .. it doesn't matter anymore, about the shop in Auckland !! I ve tried on a similar one in a shop here.... and decided to order it anyway!! It's just so wonderful!!!! Now, I placed the order yesterday( April 26) When should I be receiving it then??? 18 days to process plus 8 days to be delivered??? My wedding is on the 18th of June!!!If you think it won't make it.. let me know please!!! Thank you anelise

Hi, I am going to buy below listed wedding dress Product name2011 New Style Wedding Dresses QF30636 Item code: 00241974 Color : white sizes(in inches) Bust:38, Waist - 33, Hips - 40, Shoulder to Floor - 55.. IS petticoat included to dress? Thanks in advance. Yashar

dress was a hit at the wedding!!!!!!!!absolutely wonderful :)))))))))))))))

i want a nice wedding dress

wrong size, dress in excellent quality but is much smaller than the size requested

Hi I was wondering if this dress would arrive in New Zealand by the 25th June? Also does your Saturday and Sundays include the 15 days plus 8 days? Do you have a tracking system as it just says processing. Thank you Tanya

I am in love with this dress, i originality found this dress, exact picture and everything from Maggie Sottero, and then went to a local bridal store and they had it there for $1800.00 and i was just wondering about the dress being so cheap at this website. Is it not exactly like the picture or is the quality of the dress different from the stores? please get back to me thank you!!!

Sorry just another question, on the description of the dress it says the material is organza and someone has asked what material it is and you said satin? Please can you confirm what material this dress is made from. I know that organza is stiff, scratches and could look quite cheap, is there any way that you could use silk and charge extra for it? I would prefer better quality if possible.

Dear FishInTheSky staff, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. The shipping speed was very fast. The dress is thick and professional, far from flimsy and cheap, although the price I paid (only $112) calls for the opposite. The dress is more beautiful in person than on the pictures and I look just as good in it as the model! Thank you sooo much! Although I must say I am having a bit of difficulty zipping it up and down.

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