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can you get different colours in this dress and if so could you send me pictures of a royal blue and a champaigne?

can i order this dress in turquoise blue please because i dont seems to see the colour in the colour chat?

Would it be possible to tailor this amazing dress in lenght be knees? As for example blue coctail dress Item Code: 00201581. And is it possible to ship this dress to Lithuania? Thank You.

my prom is may 14 will the dress come on before then or by then ?

Turned out in the exact style that i wanted but i ordered a blue dress and was delivered a purple dress. Whoevere made it used the wrong color material for it

if i order a blue dress would the strus be suitable for the dress color,I mean I saw the purple dress with dark purple and black strus,so what are the colors of struss would u put on the blue one. thnx

i live in california, so i was also wondering if the middle part is going to be silver if you guys make the dress in royal blue.

Hi, I would like to order dresses in periwinkle blue but it is no among the colours listed - are you able to do this or what is the closest you have to periwinkle ?

do you have a picture of this dress in pearl pink or navy blue so i could have an idea what it would look like please?

thank you for your swift response. I just received the shoes for the event and it is a sage color instead of sky blue. I know it is too much to ask but is it possible to change the color one more time from sky blue to sage on the originally red dress? I apologize for the confusion and be forever grateful. Azita

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