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I am interested in this dress and I was wondering if it costs extra to order the dress in a custom size? Thanks!

This is a gorgeous dress should have went a size up but the dress is great thank you

The dress is beautiful and really good quality, sizing s a bit small though, but gorgeous dress..........

Hi, i would like to know if you guys ca make the tail longer and also make in in satin organza fabric? I went to bridal place in miami and i fit well in size 12 which they said that is the standard size they order. im a size 4 usually but in wedding dresses run small.

i am going to order this dress but my size is between 6 and 8. What to do now? Can i submit the personal size or do i have to chose between? Please let me know. Amira

Thanks a lot I liked the dress but the size is different from what I used to have ( my size ‎is US 6 for bust and US 10 for waist

Hi, I need to order 5 of these dresses in Light Plum for my bridesmaids. They are all different sizes. Girl 1: size 2/ Girl 2: size 4/ Girl 3: size 4/ Girl 4: size 14 and Girl 5: size 12. I do not know how to order multiple dresses in one order so could you let me know how I can go about ordering them? As well, will these arrive by the end of July. My wedding is August 6th. Please let me know as soon as possible because I do not have enough time. I appreciate your help. Thanks

Can you tell how short is this dress? If I provide yout the lenght can you tailor it according to that size?

can u send me more information about the dress plz i am size 14

Hello,Just I would like to order this dress, but can I write my size in cm?It will be better for me:)

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Belk Spring Dresses For Plus Size

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