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i ordered my prom dress at the end of January and it still hasn't arrived, when is it going to be here?

Hello there, I was wanting to buy this for my prom next year. How long will this dress be available?

the dress was lovely and my daughter looked beatiful she really enjoyed her prom and felt like a celebrity

Hey :) Does this dress come in other colours? Also my prom is on the 7th of june - will it be ready on time?

could i get this dress from the picture in the color purple for a prom dress? is that possible or can you only order wedding dresses in white?

I wanted to order this dress for my prom which is on the 10th May. If I were to order this dress tomorrow, would it arrive in time?

I am interested in prom dress number 4088. and I was hopeing you could send a picture of the dress in both the lilac and sage colors??

hello i ordered my dress on the 13th of april my prom is on teh 29th of may will my dress arrive in time?

Hello, I live in England if I order this dress today (27May) will the (red prom dress ) arrive on time by 22june or before please ?x

Hi, What is the color of this dress? Beaded Sweetheart Neckline with Hot Sell New Prom Dress P-0057 Is it Tafetta royal blue or blue? Thanks a lot!

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