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Can this dress be made without the train? I like the dress but don't want it to look like a wedding gown.

A-Line Sweetheart Sleeveless Lace Embroidery Beading Bridal Gown Wedding dress is test! ok? hi!

KyM and my self can not thank you enough on the beautiful wedding gown you have made for Kym it is so perfect beautifuly made and fits perfect and really is a beautiful.......beautiful gown speedy delivery would like to recomend this company too all thank you Denise

i really likethis dress. planning to buy it. can i have a copy of clear details of this gown.i'd like to know if it has a petticoat? and about the length of the gown,how to take measurement coz im planning to wear flat shoes. thank you. looking forward to your reply.

HELLO, please can I have the gown and jacket customized for me??? I intend to place the orde for both but only in white colour,however, i do not seem t be able tolocate the gown.where do i find this?

I love this dress, as a matter of fact this will be my prom gown for Apil 2, 2011. I haven't ordered it yet but it is the gown of my dreams! I love the layout of the dress and the texture of it. I am looking forward to wearing this dress and making everyone jealous!

Hey, I was wondering if you can make the tube longer ?? Also, could you please send me a pic of the same gown in red ?? My wedding is in Feb, I hope this is the right time to order it. I love this gown so please work out the tube for me. Thanks

Hello, i love this gown and i want to order it in two weeks time, i want to ask if you can sew a jacket with it.

Hi, I need to make sure that the satin is a proper 'stiff' bridal satin and not that satin they use to make night gowns from. Please advise.

for tide is it possible to make the strapless wedding gown to with strap if possible i give you the item number bet let me know first. thank you

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