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Hi, I am ready to order item code # 002036346 for 5 of my bridesmaids however I am a bit confused on the measurements in your chart. For instance, I am a size 4 in dress size but your measurements do not match with mine. In fact, your measurements show me to be a couple of sizes bigger than what I am. Does this dress run small? And if so, what is your recommendation in terms of either going with your chart or should I just order based on my measurements. Also, Could you please let me know what your return policy is? And if you have a direct line I could call so I can get some assistance with the order. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Sincerely G

I have mentioned already I need all my items by the 15th June (Mid June) its already 13th June I will obviously not receive my 4th dress by then. I don’t understand why they all were not shipped out together. I have had to pay tax and duties money but it should have been an over all cost of all items not 3 items shipped then the 4th. Please please send the final item out today I am getting married in a week and I need these dresses for my bridesmaids. If I don’t receive them on time I will have to return them all because they will be no use to me. I have paid you full money so I should really get this item on time. Many thanks Trisha Amin

Wonderful dress :)

Beautiful dress

Is the dress high quality fabric and what rating is the dress?

HI, is the belt on this dress a separate piece or is it sewn to the dress?

Will this dress be made exactly like this dress if I order it ?

Can you make this dress into a long dress?

Dress was good but there was glue on the flower.

What material is the dress shown in

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1920s Flapper Bridesmaid Dresses

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